GO&FUN Energy Drinks


A Refreshing Alternative to Traditional Energy Drinks!

Go&Fun goes beyond the energy drink and manufactures a line of products good to drink, made with natural ingredients. The green energy drink, is an alternative to the conventional energy drink.

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Lemon & Ginger

Fuel your body the natural way with Go&Fun Green Energy Drink!

A boost of energy when you most need it! Now comes in a new unique taste. The Go&Fun Lemon & Ginger is free from taurine, artificial colouring and is only made with natural ingredients. It is also Gluten Free.

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Nature-Powered Energy with Only 4.5 Calories

At the basis of the Green Energy Drink Concept of Go&Fun, there's an energy that comes with four all-natural products formulated without Taurine, Glucuronolactone, preservatives or dyes. The Go&Fun Zero is also sugar-free and contains only 4.5 calories per can.

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